VFW Post 4890


By: Dale K. Graham, Service Officer

During the last couple of weeks the number of Veterans and widows who have stopped by for assistance from our staff has risen with over 120. Last week there were over 30 who stopped by for their first visit and 90 who we had seen before. Mr. J. W Marker of Noble was our Veteran of the week. Jesse treated all 82 of us to a very good lunch at Libby’s café in Goldsby.


All of our local Veterans are invited to stop by for a little fellowship at the Community center and to join us for lunch at 10:45 every Thursday morning. There were a total of 9 veterans who were approved for the 100% rate and 20 more who were able to be rated from 10% to 70%. We try to help each Veteran who stops in to receive every benefit that they are entitled to from the Veterans Administration. We continue to have more of the younger Veterans stopping for assistance with their claims for compensation for injuries that they received in Iraq and Afghanistan. These young men and women will carry the scars of battle for the rest of their lives. I hope that we can help them in the ways that Veterans from other wars such as Vietnam were not. We owe these young Veterans all of the assistance that we can provide.


There were three Veterans from Okemah who drove the longest distance for assistance from our staff. If you know of any Veteran who has not visited with us please ask them to stop by and maybe we can help them. Our call for assistance has helped us to gain a few more helpers which we appreciate greatly. Maybe this Thursday you can stop by and see what is going on in your community.


Next week I will try to list all of our helpers and the jobs that they do for our Veterans. Dale K. Graham VFW Service Officer post 4890. Wednesday at 710 East Main in Norman 7:30 AM thru 11AM and Thursday in the Goldsby Community center from 6:30 AM thru 1PM.


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Updated: 5-19-2008 at 18:21 hrs