VFW Post 4890


By: Dale K. Graham, Service Officer

We were able to process over 100 claims last week in Goldsby with 25 those being first timers. Our veteran of the week was Mr. James Warner of Wewoka. We appreciate the lunch that he provided at Libbys. Mr. Jerry Cox and Mr. Charles Burnett made a donation to our benevolence fund. Veterans Corner made donations of $2400. to several of our veterans widows. We donate all of the proceeds that are given to us as names are submitted.


I would like to take this opportunity to recognize the men and women of our community who dedicate themselves to helping others here at Goldsby. Gordon Wheeler, Harold Reed, Running –Wolf King, Gerald Ashley. David Suddith, Don Johnson, Dick Clark, Robert Green. Dave Mc ferin, Freida Hickman, Hub Roath, Jackie Graham, Ray Harden, Shirley Danley, Richard Wood, Larry Eaves, Clayton Lee, David Casper, Franklin Thompson, Ron Dobs, Bill Branch,  EJ Branch, Charlie Waldo, Ken Moore, Don Tallant, Jay Lovett, Sid Smith, Glendon Burton, Bennie Crowe, Larry Miller,  Steve Adams, Don Moore and Earl and Sharon Mogg. If you know any of these men and women please give them a big thank you for their service to our veterans.


We continue to see more of our Gulf War men and women. If you have any family members or friends who are veterans please encourage them to stop by and see us.


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Updated: 7-20-2008 at 11:40 hrs